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Aruba Baby! Or rather… Aruba with baby.

aruba boat

Well after our first week in the “blogosphere,” we’re pooped and due for a vacation. But fear not loyal fans (or should we say fan), we’ll be back writing about cool new stuff by end of next week.

Stay Tuned!

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My First

Misha Violin

So it seems my hubby (see above) decided that I have something to say and post that someone other than him will be interested in reading and seeing. And, as it were, I am now the proud owner of my very own blog. Is anyone else out there? HELLO-ELLO-LO!

Ok e-world, here’s my first post. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Oh, and since I’m “supposed” to be posting about the cool things I find. I found him around the corner. In a basement. With some pretzels and three soldering guns.


A word from the creator

Master of Style

Hi, Everyone.

I created this blog as a surprise for my wife (see above).

She has a certain knack for finding the coolest things anywhere and has a great eye for interior design.  Whether it’s kitchen gadgets, baby clothes or furniture, everyone always asks where she found it and how she thought of it.
I think she’s got fantastic taste and am glad that she does… cause I certainly don’t.

I will soon make her aware of the existence of this blog and then you all can benefit
from her awesomeness. This way, you too, can spend your money on stuff she finds!

(seriously – she’s great)


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