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Claim your gas!

Eva Solo Gas Grill

As in most households, grilling is the mans’ job in ours. It is regarded as seriously and as primitively as can be expected from anything involving fire and raw meat. There is much uproar, dirt, grunting and beer involved in this tribal dance and any member of the clan will tell you, there is nothing pretty about this sacred ritual. Which is why this post will likely appeal to the more refined outdoor chef. Ladies, behold the Eva Solo Gas Grill. Continue to full article

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POURfect Bowls. Because they Pour Perfectly. Get it?

POURfect Bowls

I not only love to cook, I love using the proper equipment in order to do so. Anyone who owns a stand mixer and actually uses it will know what a pain it is to get ingredients into the mixing bowl without spilling while the beaters are working. These cleverly named POURfect bowls aim to solve that problem.

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