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Blomus Tea Stick: Tea Party for One

Tea Stick

Here’s something sleek and chic: the Blomus UTILO Tea Stick! Make tea-time a treat not a trick. With a click, you can get your stick quick. If you don’t like my shtick, you can Blomus my… arm. Continue to full article



WMF Flatware

Zahara Hadid received a degree in Mathematics in Beirut before she moved to London to study architecture. Among many other architectural prizes to her name, she is the first and only female recipient of the coveted Pritzker Prize (2004). Not sure what eating utensils have to do with her lengthy list of achievements though. Maybe 3-dimensional buildings get old after a while and you just start to crave something flat. Enter the Zaha flatware set for WMF. Took too long to get to that punch line, didn’t I?

These ergonomically shaped utensils are designed to inspire. More so than to eat with.

It’s $250 for one such place setting of stainless steel flatware with a soup spoon reminiscent of the grim reaper, but they sure are visually stunning. Available at Arango.

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Claim your gas!

Eva Solo Gas Grill

As in most households, grilling is the mans’ job in ours. It is regarded as seriously and as primitively as can be expected from anything involving fire and raw meat. There is much uproar, dirt, grunting and beer involved in this tribal dance and any member of the clan will tell you, there is nothing pretty about this sacred ritual. Which is why this post will likely appeal to the more refined outdoor chef. Ladies, behold the Eva Solo Gas Grill. Continue to full article

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Shake it up

Hug Shakers

These little salt and pepper shakers aren’t just adorable and modern, their main intent is to symbolize how mankind is to embrace its differences. Designers Alberto Mantilla, Anthony Baxter and Scott Henderson of Mint Inc. went to great lengths to convey this idea and put it on the market without sacrificing the quality and integrity of their prized creation. Continue to full article


Rev it up!

RPM Blender

What can make a boring old kitchen blender cool? A tachometer of course! I wanna know the exact speed at which my smoothie is being blended and I don’t mean “low,” “medium,” and “high.” I’m talking rotations per minute!

That’s right, this blender by L’Equip will have you L’Squeeling with glee as you watch the little needle rev it up between 500 and 20,000 RPMs. There’s even a toggle switch; and if you’ve been keeping up with the posts here on WithoutStyle, you’ll know we’re big fans of toggle switches.

Don’t know if it will blend an iPod, but the solid looking brushed steel base with a the polycarbonate blending jug and tamper stick will make a great looking and functional addition to any kitchen or bar.

Available at Table Tools for $134.00

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Well tip me over and pour me out!

Sorapot Teapot

No, this is not Nasa’s latest invention or the concept for the next building in NYC. This, my friends, is a teapot. No, this is THE teapot! If ever there was a teapot to be excited about, this is it! Man I’ve never craved tea quite this much. Continue to full article


POURfect Bowls. Because they Pour Perfectly. Get it?

POURfect Bowls

I not only love to cook, I love using the proper equipment in order to do so. Anyone who owns a stand mixer and actually uses it will know what a pain it is to get ingredients into the mixing bowl without spilling while the beaters are working. These cleverly named POURfect bowls aim to solve that problem.

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Cut the cheese

Cheese Tray

This isn’t just any cheese tray, it’s a cheese tray made of petrified wood that’s supposedly over 20 million years old. Wouldn’t you like to cut your cheese on that?!

There are two sizes available. The smaller one, around 7″ in diameter, runs for $78. The larger one, about 10″ in diameter, goes for $148.

$148 for a cheese tray? That’s petrifying!

Oh yes, I went there.

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