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Ananda Khalsa: Small Scale, Big Art

Hinged Bluebird Bracelet Wide

Yet another notable Jewelry designer, Ananda Khalsa draws inspiration heavily from Asian art and cultural symbolism to create her designs. Each of her pieces is hand painted on paper, which is then set behind hand-ground glass into fine and sterling silver. Paintings are no longer to be displayed solely on walls, use your body as an exhibit! Continue to full article

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Cube Necklace: Pixelate Yourself!

Cube Necklace

With everything else being pixelated these days, it’s only natural that your jewelry should follow suit. Continue to full article

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Discovering John Hardy

John Hardy MeJohn Hardy

While on my recent travels to Aruba, I discovered a jewelry artist that impressed me unlike any other I have previously seen. I thought I had uncovered something new, but while doing some more research on this Canadian jeweler based in Bali, I realized his work is actually quite well known with retailers all over the world. Perhaps I’m just the last to find out. For those of you out there who, like me, have not yet been introduced to this creator, I present to you: John Hardy. Continue to full article


The Amber Glow

Amber Necklace

Being from Latvia, I am naturally drawn to amber in any shape or form. Being a woman, I am even more drawn to amber in jewelry. I have seen A LOT of amber jewelry and own a decent amount of it so it is difficult to impress me. However, on my last visit to Costco Warehouse (of all places), there was an exhibit of various jewelry involving amber and other gemstones by a company called Jewelry To Your Doorstep. I see them come around every year during the holiday season and every year I walk away with a new piece of something-or-other that I can’t resist.

The necklace pictured above is truly stunning. It’s a very big, heavy piece with a big heavy price tag of $1800 to match. If only I had the big heavy bosom necessary to accommodate such a specimen. There is also a matching bracelet and for a mere $2700, you can have the set!

I must admit, even for a piece this grand, the price tag is a bit too hefty for semi-precious stone encrusted in silver. In fact, most of their jewelry is priced a good 30% more than similar jewelry sold by the “local” folks on Brighton Beach in Brooklyn. But you can consider the extra charge a convenience fee for sparing yourself the trip.

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