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Quadrigo: Entertainment Cubed

Cubism Toy

The rubik’s cube may have a competitor. This toy isn’t only educational and stimulating, it’s the recipient of whole bunch of design awards in Europe and sits in the Deutsches Museum of Modern Art! Not bad for a play thing. Continue to full article

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Wobble Chess Set: Let Your Checkmate Resonate!

Wobble Chess Set

As if chess wasn’t action-packed enough, in comes the wobble chess set from Umbra. Designed by Adin Mumma, a stunning landscape of hills and valleys sets the stage for the weighted wood and metallic, ball-based pieces.

Granted, your concentration may stray from the actual strategy and forethought required to play the game as you hypnotically stare at the pretty pieces flailing around! Continue to full article

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Home Office Trike: Money-losing option for a space-saving solution

Home Office Trike

Calling all loft dwellers! Do you live in one room that functions as your bedroom, kitchen, dining room, foyer, library, closet, office, bathroom, and all those other rooms than suburban folk actually have walls to separate, but you consider it a small price to pay for living in the heart of a big city? Then you’ll be particularly grateful for any multi-functional piece of furniture that has a tiny footprint. Especially when that piece of furniture also happens to be this gorgeous! Continue to full article

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Blomus Tea Stick: Tea Party for One

Tea Stick

Here’s something sleek and chic: the Blomus UTILO Tea Stick! Make tea-time a treat not a trick. With a click, you can get your stick quick. If you don’t like my shtick, you can Blomus my… arm. Continue to full article


Strida Folding Bicycle: Fast AND furious!

Strida Folding Bicycle

Whether you occasionally bike for leisure or use it as your daily mode of transportation, this bike takes the cake in terms of engineering, convenience and style. Developed over 22 years ago, the Strida Folding Bike is easily the most advanced bike of it’s kind on the market. Continue to full article


Mr. Suicide: Suicide has never been this cute!

Mr. Suicide

Consider the proverbial envelope pushed. Italian designer Massimo Giacon created this little guy for Alessi. It’s a bathtub or sink plug that when used and filled makes Mr. Suicide float dead above the water. As if that weren’t enough, he also comes packaged in a little box shaped like a coffin. What a perfect gift for that special suicidal someone in your life!

He comes in three happy colors (see image after jump): blue pink and yellow and is available at Retro Modern for $24.00 Continue to full article

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WMF Flatware

Zahara Hadid received a degree in Mathematics in Beirut before she moved to London to study architecture. Among many other architectural prizes to her name, she is the first and only female recipient of the coveted Pritzker Prize (2004). Not sure what eating utensils have to do with her lengthy list of achievements though. Maybe 3-dimensional buildings get old after a while and you just start to crave something flat. Enter the Zaha flatware set for WMF. Took too long to get to that punch line, didn’t I?

These ergonomically shaped utensils are designed to inspire. More so than to eat with.

It’s $250 for one such place setting of stainless steel flatware with a soup spoon reminiscent of the grim reaper, but they sure are visually stunning. Available at Arango.

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Playing with fire

Skyline Matchbok

Never thought you’d see a special article devoted to a matchbook, did you? Well this blog is just chock full of surprises! Ok, so it’s $25 for two matches, but that’s not the point. This is just a representation of the fact that even something as simple as a matchbook can find its place in the art world.

Designed by Tobias Wong who, according to Unica Home, “captures the mood and soul of an entire city” because if you light the only two matches in this book, you change the entire skyline. I don’t know if I’d go that far in stretching the depth of meaning in this concept. Especially since this same guy created a 5-speed vibrating ottoman with a 12-inch fur-lined hole! But it’s an interesting piece and so I thought I’d present it to you.

Now you can go Google that ottoman. You know you want to.

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As fate would have it

Oil Lamp

On yet another trip to Aruba, I saw these oil lamps in a beautiful but unnecessarily overpriced and over hyped steakhouse L.G. Smith’s. OK, so I’m not reviewing the restaurant, just had to put in my two cents about it… Anyway, I thought the lamps put such a beautifully sleek and modern spin on an historic and almost forgotten item that I even took a picture with one (see evidence after jump) hoping to one day discover the makers of this product. Continue to full article

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This book sure POPS!

Book of Lights

There are pop-up books and then there are wired pop-up books! Using 3mm LED bulbs your guests well never see this one coming as they reach to lazily flip through the pages of this coffee table book. The cover is bound with linen and it’s available in the traditional lampshade (above) or the Parisian street lamp (after jump). I’ll take both. Continue to full article

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