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Dirty Diapers Never Looked So Slick

Designed by Bo Ekstrom of Sweden and manufactured in Belgium from European bent beech wood, this beautiful, functional and space-saving device takes diaper duty seriously. It is certified through a rigorous inspection process by the independent Technical Research Institute of Sweden to withstand a baby up to 33 pounds. Though Bo reports that he tested the strength up to a 110 pound capacity, in case your worst potty training fears are realized and your kid is still in diapers as they’re heading off to college.

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Home Office Trike: Money-losing option for a space-saving solution

Home Office Trike

Calling all loft dwellers! Do you live in one room that functions as your bedroom, kitchen, dining room, foyer, library, closet, office, bathroom, and all those other rooms than suburban folk actually have walls to separate, but you consider it a small price to pay for living in the heart of a big city? Then you’ll be particularly grateful for any multi-functional piece of furniture that has a tiny footprint. Especially when that piece of furniture also happens to be this gorgeous! Continue to full article

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Tortoise Foot Stool: In a furniture category of its own

Tortoise Foot Stool

Are you one of the millions of people on the market for a tortoise foot stool?

Did I say millions? I meant two. Well, if you’re that other person, then you’re going to fall in love with this beautifully made foot stool with a leather tufted “shell” cushion and hardwood base as much as I have. This little turtle is both cute, elegant and ridiculously expensive. Hey, there are three kinds of people in this world, those who can count and those who can’t. Continue to full article

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Raising the Bar

Hydra Table

One can only assume this inspiration came from a barbershop chair. Believe it or not, this Hydra Table table has been around for 11 years now. Designer, Gary Gianakis was inspired to create it while living in a small space and needing functional furniture to serve multiple purposes. In it’s lowered position, the piece can serve as a coffee table or raised for dining. The wide, sturdy base easily allows for the significant height adjustment without compromising stability. It’s not only highly functional, it’s also very attractive.

Of course, I keep thinking that if I had this in my house as a kid, I’d totally use it as a seat on which to cut and style my dolls’ hair. And then I’d attempt to glue it back on her head once I’ve completely mutilated her. But I digress… Continue to full article

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Do the wave!

Wood Side Table

Isn’t this the most elegant end table you’ve ever seen? No? Well screw you, it’s my blog and I think it is! This Maple Taffy end table is one of many such structurally delicate and intricate designs by woodworker D. Hurwitz who has been honing his craft since he was six years old. I was so impressed with his style that I’m sure to blog more of his pieces in the future, which is a much greater honor than all the awards this man has received in recognition of his work!

As it’s name implies, the table is made of Hard Maple wood with a Birdseye Hard Maple Top (see image after jump). Continue to full article

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Whimsical Quackery

Sirfo Table

Watch out! This little duckie may look sweet and innocent, but it’s masterfully designed by Italian designer and architect, Alessandro Mendini. “So what” you ask? Well, the guy holds several international architectural prizes and is renowned for not only his famous buildings around the world but also his very distinctive furniture, such as this Sirfo Goose Table distributed by Zanotta.

So great is this mans name in the design field that a whimsical side table such as this can easily receive a price tag of $3177.00. If you really want it though, don’t despair it is available at Europe by Net for only $2201.00! What a steal! Continue to full article

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It’ll be bed time all day long!

Cabin Bed

One of my favorite children’s companies, Haba, not only creates fantastic, creative and safe toys for the little ones, but also dabbles in some equally creative and safe furniture for them. Taking the most elemental childhood desire to play, Haba creates furniture that’s not only functional, but fun! Let’s face it, a bed like this will fare much better at luring the feisty ones in for bed time. Continue to full article

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“You’ll be sleeping in the armoire”

ZZZ Chest2ZZZ Chest

When my guest bedroom was recently converted into a nursery, I had to come up with another solution to accommodate my guests. I was determined to come up with the most comfortable, space-saving and attractive solution that’s ever been comed up with! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: The ZZZ Chest!

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Sitting in an English garden waiting for the sun

Grove Grand Chair

It may not be the most practical piece of furniture in your house, but practicality is not what this blog is about. I mean, look at this thing!

Made from sandblasted roots, this Grove Grand Chair is a marvel. Due to it’s organic form, no two chairs are the same and as such, a set of two can make an even grander impact flanking, say, a cozy fireplace? Or perhaps adorning the far corner of the library?

What no fireplace or library in your house? Well just stand it up next to that tower of pizza boxes you’ve been using as your coffee table.

You can get it here for $850

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