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Pablo Umbrella Lamp: For the fella’ who wants an umbrella

Pablo Umbrella Lamp

Such an item in your home will have you singing in the rain as you’re sure to have sunshine on a rainy day. No sir, no one will be raining on your parade with this umbrella lamp. Purple rain.
I couldn’t quite integrate that last one into the cheap pun, but it has to be here. Continue to full article

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As fate would have it

Oil Lamp

On yet another trip to Aruba, I saw these oil lamps in a beautiful but unnecessarily overpriced and over hyped steakhouse L.G. Smith’s. OK, so I’m not reviewing the restaurant, just had to put in my two cents about it… Anyway, I thought the lamps put such a beautifully sleek and modern spin on an historic and almost forgotten item that I even took a picture with one (see evidence after jump) hoping to one day discover the makers of this product. Continue to full article

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This book sure POPS!

Book of Lights

There are pop-up books and then there are wired pop-up books! Using 3mm LED bulbs your guests well never see this one coming as they reach to lazily flip through the pages of this coffee table book. The cover is bound with linen and it’s available in the traditional lampshade (above) or the Parisian street lamp (after jump). I’ll take both. Continue to full article

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Flip it! Flip it good!

Ecco Lamp

Clever designs like this make me wonder why no one thought of this sooner! That’s not just any toggle switch on there either, it’s an illuminated dimmer. So not only is this table lamp highly functional, it’s also quite striking in it’s retro style.

Available in chrome (polished) or pewter (matte) finish at Comfort House for $134.00

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Amp it up to 11!

Tube Lamp

Geeks and rockers alike can appreciate this baby. It is a lamp with a sense of humor. Designed by Nik Wilmore and obviously stylized after a tube amp, its charm is in the funky details.

Much like the tube amps renowned for their “warmth of sound,” weight, hefty price tag and the glow they produce (or so my husband informs me); the tube lamp aims to call back to these iconic features so treasured by the audio snobs of the world.

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Lights my fire!

Mardi Gras Chandelier

I have a weakness for gorgeous chandeliers that hang significantly lower than my eight-foot ceilings will allow. That certainly didn’t stop me from purchasing several such fixtures for my new house and then having my husband rack his brain attempting to modify them all so that we don’t hit our heads when walking around. Luckily, we’re not very tall. Some of our guests have been less fortunate.

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