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Dirty Diapers Never Looked So Slick

Designed by Bo Ekstrom of Sweden and manufactured in Belgium from European bent beech wood, this beautiful, functional and space-saving device takes diaper duty seriously. It is certified through a rigorous inspection process by the independent Technical Research Institute of Sweden to withstand a baby up to 33 pounds. Though Bo reports that he tested the strength up to a 110 pound capacity, in case your worst potty training fears are realized and your kid is still in diapers as they’re heading off to college.

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Quadrigo: Entertainment Cubed

Cubism Toy

The rubik’s cube may have a competitor. This toy isn’t only educational and stimulating, it’s the recipient of whole bunch of design awards in Europe and sits in the Deutsches Museum of Modern Art! Not bad for a play thing. Continue to full article

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Block Wagon: The Perfect Toy

Block Wagon

John Michael Linck is a toymaker who’s carrying on his family’s tradition in woodworking. With a degree in Forest Science and Design from the University of Illinois, Mr. Linck uses Wisconsin Hardwoods to beautifully and artfully craft his pieces into durable and timeless toys that serve from one generation to the next. This craftsman does not rely on mass production, each item is made solely with his own hands in the basement workshop of his Madison home. These toys are made not only with skill, but with a lot of heart. Continue to full article

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Wolfgang Sirch Max Push Car: Smooth Ridin’

Wolfgang Sirch Max Push Car

Although relatively new on the market, the Max push car by Wolfgang Sirch has already become a modern classic among toys. Made in Bavaria, Germany of steam-bent, blond Ash wood and “whisper quiet” rubber wheels, this is definitely heirloom material.

These kids today got it all! When I was a kid, we didn’t have sleek designs like this. My ride-on toys didn’t even have wheels! They were stationary horses that occasionally rocked. Some of us weren’t even lucky enough to get the entire horse, we had to make-do with a horse’s head impaled by a stick! We had to learn to get somewhere on those! Uphill both ways. And it was always snowing. Continue to full article

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Childhood Images

Naomi and Sophie dolls

Here’s a doll that will likely appeal to adults just as much as to children. Remember the stick-figure drawings of your youth? Well that’s exactly the inspiration for these precious little things as the artist based them on her own childhood drawings. Good thing too, ’cause if they were based on my childhood drawings these would be better served as voodoo dolls.

As if they weren’t already sweet enough, they are handmade in the Netherlands from felt, cotton, fleece and terry-cloth. Now, the 2-dimensional friends of your childs imagination can be cuddled with.

The above doll is called Naomi, there is also a Sophie doll (see image after jump) available at Romp for $45.00 . Continue to full article

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Rocking, without that pesky horse

Rocking Horse

Do you want to get your kid a rocking horse, but hate the horse part of it? Well then this is for you. This sleek, ultra modern toy is one you’ll be proud to display in your sleek, ultra-modern pad. Created by Dutch designer Chris Slutter whose work, according to his website:

“…can best be described as a search for the simplified form through design, and the ongoing investigation of how the process of design affects the final product.”

I’m not sure I fully understand what that means, but apparently that’s how his work can best be described. So this is an object of high design by an up and coming new architect/industrial designer. All fancy-shmancy talk aside, it sure is perty. If you’re into that whole “unfurled paperclip” thing.

Chris is currently seeking a US importer so you’d have to contact him directly if you want this bobbel rocking horse. Prices are also not listed on his site so you’d have to contact him for that too.

Via Baby Gadget

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Twirly Girl

Owl Skirt

Kit+Lili specializes in very retro looking children’s clothing. All of their pieces are very bold and very cute without the frills and bows. I particularly like this soft, pleated corduroy skirt with the adorable and simple owls making up this unique pattern.

Available at Black Wagon for $58.00.

Via Baby Gadget.

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It’ll be bed time all day long!

Cabin Bed

One of my favorite children’s companies, Haba, not only creates fantastic, creative and safe toys for the little ones, but also dabbles in some equally creative and safe furniture for them. Taking the most elemental childhood desire to play, Haba creates furniture that’s not only functional, but fun! Let’s face it, a bed like this will fare much better at luring the feisty ones in for bed time. Continue to full article

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Flower Kimono by Dragon Tail Baby

Dragon Tail Baby Kimono

Let’s face it, most baby clothes readily available on the market are as generic as the companies that produce them. Sure they’re cute, in that “I’ve seen all that pastel before” kinda way. Mostly, they’re cute because they’re small, and miniature versions of anything always takes the cuteness factor up a few notches. And lets not even mention the stereotypical way they color code those little outfits to distinguish genders. Well let me assure you, generic baby clothes manufacturer, that my little girl will be no less a girl if she’s wearing, oh, I don’t know – green, or even *gasp* blue!

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NOT made in China


With a brand new baby in the house, I can finally justify all the toy purchases I’ve been craving!

Call me old fashioned, but the less bells and whistles a toy has, the more I am drawn to it. I love this incredibly simple concept of watching a pretty marble roll down a simple wooden banister into a toilet-like bowl and get “flushed” away down the center.

You can also purchase the Ball Track Master Building Set (see photo after jump) for $199.99 that allows the little tyke to build any configuration of paths for the marble to travel. Ok, so maybe there’s a bell included – but no whistles!

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