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Dirty Diapers Never Looked So Slick

Designed by Bo Ekstrom of Sweden and manufactured in Belgium from European bent beech wood, this beautiful, functional and space-saving device takes diaper duty seriously. It is certified through a rigorous inspection process by the independent Technical Research Institute of Sweden to withstand a baby up to 33 pounds. Though Bo reports that he tested the strength up to a 110 pound capacity, in case your worst potty training fears are realized and your kid is still in diapers as they’re heading off to college.

While style and elegance may not be the first words you think of when considering diaper duty, this pretty piece may just have you altering your stance on the matter, quite literally – since it’ll spare your posture compared to it’s traditional floor-standing counterparts.

When I first spotted this item making the blog rounds a few years ago, US was, as usual, lagging far behind the design market as it was only available for sale in Europe. We’ve finally caught on! It is now widely available on line and can be had in a price range of $600$750, depending of how good you are at finding your bargains. The wall-mounted changing table comes with a choice of green or ivory changing pad and even has a matching diaper dispenser for an additional $150.

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  1. KatyaB June 23rd, 2011 2:55 pm

    What a cool space saving, space looking thing! No one would ever guess you have a baby in the house. Hmm, I need to get better at finding my bargains!

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