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Quadrigo: Entertainment Cubed

Cubism Toy

The rubik’s cube may have a competitor. This toy isn’t only educational and stimulating, it’s the recipient of whole bunch of design awards in Europe and sits in the Deutsches Museum of Modern Art! Not bad for a play thing.

Designed by Jean-Phillipe Rossinelli for Naef Toys, the Quadrigo is made in Switzerland of safe, non-toxic materials. It is available in three sizes and two color options, white (above) and multi-color (below). The sizes are mini ($79), medium ($149), and large ($679!).

You can get it at Grow Modern, a site that claims, “You will be amazed by the level of creativity that these apparently purist components allow you to reach.” I’m sure you’re also amazed that such a thing can be created for $679 bucks!

Cubism Toy Multi-Color

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