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Quadrigo: Entertainment Cubed

Cubism Toy

The rubik’s cube may have a competitor. This toy isn’t only educational and stimulating, it’s the recipient of whole bunch of design awards in Europe and sits in the Deutsches Museum of Modern Art! Not bad for a play thing. Continue to full article

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Matthews Fans: You Spin Me Round, Round Baby!


Ceiling fan designs have come a long way in the past couple of years. With a more eco-conscious generation, people are shunning their energy guzzling air conditioners for the much more economical and highly efficient ceiling fans. However, no one can be expected to go green with the likes of your grandmother’s ceiling fan, complete with wood veneer blades and tiffany-style lampshades! No no, we require fans that have a lunar counterweight which, along with the fan, can orbit around it’s spherical gear housing! Continue to full article

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