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Ananda Khalsa: Small Scale, Big Art

Hinged Bluebird Bracelet Wide

Yet another notable Jewelry designer, Ananda Khalsa draws inspiration heavily from Asian art and cultural symbolism to create her designs. Each of her pieces is hand painted on paper, which is then set behind hand-ground glass into fine and sterling silver. Paintings are no longer to be displayed solely on walls, use your body as an exhibit!

Looking through her work you will find a pattern in imagery used. There are bluebirds, willows, cranes and maples galore! As if the organic and serene images aren’t lovely enough, the settings she uses to display them are not too shabby either. I am particularly fond of the Hinged Bluebird Bracelet pictured above. It is available in both a wide and a narrow style at $1025 and $710, respectively at Guild.

Check out more of her jewelery at Guild as well as The Clay Pot.

Autumn Maple Necklace

Willow/Moon Pendant/Pin

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