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Ananda Khalsa: Small Scale, Big Art

Hinged Bluebird Bracelet Wide

Yet another notable Jewelry designer, Ananda Khalsa draws inspiration heavily from Asian art and cultural symbolism to create her designs. Each of her pieces is hand painted on paper, which is then set behind hand-ground glass into fine and sterling silver. Paintings are no longer to be displayed solely on walls, use your body as an exhibit! Continue to full article

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Wobble Chess Set: Let Your Checkmate Resonate!

Wobble Chess Set

As if chess wasn’t action-packed enough, in comes the wobble chess set from Umbra. Designed by Adin Mumma, a stunning landscape of hills and valleys sets the stage for the weighted wood and metallic, ball-based pieces.

Granted, your concentration may stray from the actual strategy and forethought required to play the game as you hypnotically stare at the pretty pieces flailing around! Continue to full article

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