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Block Wagon: The Perfect Toy

Block Wagon

John Michael Linck is a toymaker who’s carrying on his family’s tradition in woodworking. With a degree in Forest Science and Design from the University of Illinois, Mr. Linck uses Wisconsin Hardwoods to beautifully and artfully craft his pieces into durable and timeless toys that serve from one generation to the next. This craftsman does not rely on mass production, each item is made solely with his own hands in the basement workshop of his Madison home. These toys are made not only with skill, but with a lot of heart.

There are a select few toys that Mr. Linck makes, available on his website. But I am particularly in love with this walker/wooden block wagon. Containing 100 wooden unit blocks and made of Black Cherry wood which starts with a medium red color and darkens over time to a deep red, this toy could quite possibly be the only one your child needs! The removable block units are made of different shapes and sizes to fuel the imagination while the wagon serves as a great walking tool, storage solution and ride on toy! Not to mention the durability of the item will make for a heartfelt heirloom from your child to theirs.

In my book, that’s one toy that completely deserves it’s $315.00 price tag.

You can read more about it and order it here.

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  1. Sash7a January 24th, 2008 10:32 am

    i want one

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