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Cube Necklace: Pixelate Yourself!

Cube Necklace

With everything else being pixelated these days, it’s only natural that your jewelry should follow suit.

This necklace was designed and made by South Korean jeweler and metalsmith, Hongsock Lee as a graduate student at the Rhode Island School of Design. His work is described as “contemporary, modernistic jewelry that he conceives as small sculptures.” In fact, Mr. Lee’s true passion lies in sculpting and that is the designers’ ultimate dream. However, he makes jewelry for a living because he can actually earn money from it, a perk that isn’t as readily available with sculpting.

This 18K and 14K gold wire necklace sprinkled with 10 diamonds is available at Guild for $3150. Don’t just admire sculpture from afar, become one with the art form as you use the smooth lines and curves of your own body to juxtapose the straight, geometric shapes. Don’t you just feel like juxtaposing sometimes? Me neither.

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