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Home Office Trike: Money-losing option for a space-saving solution

Home Office Trike

Calling all loft dwellers! Do you live in one room that functions as your bedroom, kitchen, dining room, foyer, library, closet, office, bathroom, and all those other rooms than suburban folk actually have walls to separate, but you consider it a small price to pay for living in the heart of a big city? Then you’ll be particularly grateful for any multi-functional piece of furniture that has a tiny footprint. Especially when that piece of furniture also happens to be this gorgeous! Continue to full article

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Progetti Srl Cuckoo Clocks: I’m Cuckoo for Cuckoo Clocks!

Progetti Cuckoo Clock Nonsparatesulcuc├╣

I love the idea of a cuckoo clock in my home. It’s sweet, whimsical and takes me back. I’ve considered purchasing one for some time, but while I love the old fashioned tradition of the clock, I am not too fond of the old fashion designs.

Italian company Progetti has designed a line of contemporary cuckoo clocks for Barbero Design that give you all the charm of an old fashioned cuckoo clock but with modern style and technology. And much less noise. Continue to full article

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Block Wagon: The Perfect Toy

Block Wagon

John Michael Linck is a toymaker who’s carrying on his family’s tradition in woodworking. With a degree in Forest Science and Design from the University of Illinois, Mr. Linck uses Wisconsin Hardwoods to beautifully and artfully craft his pieces into durable and timeless toys that serve from one generation to the next. This craftsman does not rely on mass production, each item is made solely with his own hands in the basement workshop of his Madison home. These toys are made not only with skill, but with a lot of heart. Continue to full article

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Blomus Tea Stick: Tea Party for One

Tea Stick

Here’s something sleek and chic: the Blomus UTILO Tea Stick! Make tea-time a treat not a trick. With a click, you can get your stick quick. If you don’t like my shtick, you can Blomus my… arm. Continue to full article


Cube Necklace: Pixelate Yourself!

Cube Necklace

With everything else being pixelated these days, it’s only natural that your jewelry should follow suit. Continue to full article

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Strida Folding Bicycle: Fast AND furious!

Strida Folding Bicycle

Whether you occasionally bike for leisure or use it as your daily mode of transportation, this bike takes the cake in terms of engineering, convenience and style. Developed over 22 years ago, the Strida Folding Bike is easily the most advanced bike of it’s kind on the market. Continue to full article


Tortoise Foot Stool: In a furniture category of its own

Tortoise Foot Stool

Are you one of the millions of people on the market for a tortoise foot stool?

Did I say millions? I meant two. Well, if you’re that other person, then you’re going to fall in love with this beautifully made foot stool with a leather tufted “shell” cushion and hardwood base as much as I have. This little turtle is both cute, elegant and ridiculously expensive. Hey, there are three kinds of people in this world, those who can count and those who can’t. Continue to full article

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Pablo Umbrella Lamp: For the fella’ who wants an umbrella

Pablo Umbrella Lamp

Such an item in your home will have you singing in the rain as you’re sure to have sunshine on a rainy day. No sir, no one will be raining on your parade with this umbrella lamp. Purple rain.
I couldn’t quite integrate that last one into the cheap pun, but it has to be here. Continue to full article

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Wolfgang Sirch Max Push Car: Smooth Ridin’

Wolfgang Sirch Max Push Car

Although relatively new on the market, the Max push car by Wolfgang Sirch has already become a modern classic among toys. Made in Bavaria, Germany of steam-bent, blond Ash wood and “whisper quiet” rubber wheels, this is definitely heirloom material.

These kids today got it all! When I was a kid, we didn’t have sleek designs like this. My ride-on toys didn’t even have wheels! They were stationary horses that occasionally rocked. Some of us weren’t even lucky enough to get the entire horse, we had to make-do with a horse’s head impaled by a stick! We had to learn to get somewhere on those! Uphill both ways. And it was always snowing. Continue to full article

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Mr. Suicide: Suicide has never been this cute!

Mr. Suicide

Consider the proverbial envelope pushed. Italian designer Massimo Giacon created this little guy for Alessi. It’s a bathtub or sink plug that when used and filled makes Mr. Suicide float dead above the water. As if that weren’t enough, he also comes packaged in a little box shaped like a coffin. What a perfect gift for that special suicidal someone in your life!

He comes in three happy colors (see image after jump): blue pink and yellow and is available at Retro Modern for $24.00 Continue to full article

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