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Rocking, without that pesky horse

Rocking Horse

Do you want to get your kid a rocking horse, but hate the horse part of it? Well then this is for you. This sleek, ultra modern toy is one you’ll be proud to display in your sleek, ultra-modern pad. Created by Dutch designer Chris Slutter whose work, according to his website:

“…can best be described as a search for the simplified form through design, and the ongoing investigation of how the process of design affects the final product.”

I’m not sure I fully understand what that means, but apparently that’s how his work can best be described. So this is an object of high design by an up and coming new architect/industrial designer. All fancy-shmancy talk aside, it sure is perty. If you’re into that whole “unfurled paperclip” thing.

Chris is currently seeking a US importer so you’d have to contact him directly if you want this bobbel rocking horse. Prices are also not listed on his site so you’d have to contact him for that too.

Via Baby Gadget

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  1. Fiddler December 19th, 2007 2:15 pm

    No no Billy, you gotta VISUALIZE the horse..

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