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Raising the Bar

Hydra Table

One can only assume this inspiration came from a barbershop chair. Believe it or not, this Hydra Table table has been around for 11 years now. Designer, Gary Gianakis was inspired to create it while living in a small space and needing functional furniture to serve multiple purposes. In it’s lowered position, the piece can serve as a coffee table or raised for dining. The wide, sturdy base easily allows for the significant height adjustment without compromising stability. It’s not only highly functional, it’s also very attractive.

Of course, I keep thinking that if I had this in my house as a kid, I’d totally use it as a seat on which to cut and style my dolls’ hair. And then I’d attempt to glue it back on her head once I’ve completely mutilated her. But I digress… Continue to full article

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Childhood Images

Naomi and Sophie dolls

Here’s a doll that will likely appeal to adults just as much as to children. Remember the stick-figure drawings of your youth? Well that’s exactly the inspiration for these precious little things as the artist based them on her own childhood drawings. Good thing too, ’cause if they were based on my childhood drawings these would be better served as voodoo dolls.

As if they weren’t already sweet enough, they are handmade in the Netherlands from felt, cotton, fleece and terry-cloth. Now, the 2-dimensional friends of your childs imagination can be cuddled with.

The above doll is called Naomi, there is also a Sophie doll (see image after jump) available at Romp for $45.00 . Continue to full article

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Playing with fire

Skyline Matchbok

Never thought you’d see a special article devoted to a matchbook, did you? Well this blog is just chock full of surprises! Ok, so it’s $25 for two matches, but that’s not the point. This is just a representation of the fact that even something as simple as a matchbook can find its place in the art world.

Designed by Tobias Wong who, according to Unica Home, “captures the mood and soul of an entire city” because if you light the only two matches in this book, you change the entire skyline. I don’t know if I’d go that far in stretching the depth of meaning in this concept. Especially since this same guy created a 5-speed vibrating ottoman with a 12-inch fur-lined hole! But it’s an interesting piece and so I thought I’d present it to you.

Now you can go Google that ottoman. You know you want to.

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Claim your gas!

Eva Solo Gas Grill

As in most households, grilling is the mans’ job in ours. It is regarded as seriously and as primitively as can be expected from anything involving fire and raw meat. There is much uproar, dirt, grunting and beer involved in this tribal dance and any member of the clan will tell you, there is nothing pretty about this sacred ritual. Which is why this post will likely appeal to the more refined outdoor chef. Ladies, behold the Eva Solo Gas Grill. Continue to full article

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As fate would have it

Oil Lamp

On yet another trip to Aruba, I saw these oil lamps in a beautiful but unnecessarily overpriced and over hyped steakhouse L.G. Smith’s. OK, so I’m not reviewing the restaurant, just had to put in my two cents about it… Anyway, I thought the lamps put such a beautifully sleek and modern spin on an historic and almost forgotten item that I even took a picture with one (see evidence after jump) hoping to one day discover the makers of this product. Continue to full article

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Do the wave!

Wood Side Table

Isn’t this the most elegant end table you’ve ever seen? No? Well screw you, it’s my blog and I think it is! This Maple Taffy end table is one of many such structurally delicate and intricate designs by woodworker D. Hurwitz who has been honing his craft since he was six years old. I was so impressed with his style that I’m sure to blog more of his pieces in the future, which is a much greater honor than all the awards this man has received in recognition of his work!

As it’s name implies, the table is made of Hard Maple wood with a Birdseye Hard Maple Top (see image after jump). Continue to full article

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Rocking, without that pesky horse

Rocking Horse

Do you want to get your kid a rocking horse, but hate the horse part of it? Well then this is for you. This sleek, ultra modern toy is one you’ll be proud to display in your sleek, ultra-modern pad. Created by Dutch designer Chris Slutter whose work, according to his website:

“…can best be described as a search for the simplified form through design, and the ongoing investigation of how the process of design affects the final product.”

I’m not sure I fully understand what that means, but apparently that’s how his work can best be described. So this is an object of high design by an up and coming new architect/industrial designer. All fancy-shmancy talk aside, it sure is perty. If you’re into that whole “unfurled paperclip” thing.

Chris is currently seeking a US importer so you’d have to contact him directly if you want this bobbel rocking horse. Prices are also not listed on his site so you’d have to contact him for that too.

Via Baby Gadget

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This book sure POPS!

Book of Lights

There are pop-up books and then there are wired pop-up books! Using 3mm LED bulbs your guests well never see this one coming as they reach to lazily flip through the pages of this coffee table book. The cover is bound with linen and it’s available in the traditional lampshade (above) or the Parisian street lamp (after jump). I’ll take both. Continue to full article

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Shake it up

Hug Shakers

These little salt and pepper shakers aren’t just adorable and modern, their main intent is to symbolize how mankind is to embrace its differences. Designers Alberto Mantilla, Anthony Baxter and Scott Henderson of Mint Inc. went to great lengths to convey this idea and put it on the market without sacrificing the quality and integrity of their prized creation. Continue to full article


Flip it! Flip it good!

Ecco Lamp

Clever designs like this make me wonder why no one thought of this sooner! That’s not just any toggle switch on there either, it’s an illuminated dimmer. So not only is this table lamp highly functional, it’s also quite striking in it’s retro style.

Available in chrome (polished) or pewter (matte) finish at Comfort House for $134.00

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