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“You’ll be sleeping in the armoire”

ZZZ Chest2ZZZ Chest

When my guest bedroom was recently converted into a nursery, I had to come up with another solution to accommodate my guests. I was determined to come up with the most comfortable, space-saving and attractive solution that’s ever been comed up with! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: The ZZZ Chest!

This baby is not only aesthetically pleasing, compact and comfy, but comes in different facings to match a variety of decors. When folded, this Murphy-Bed inspired item looks deceptively like an armoire. It really is remarkable how comfortable this thing is. Everything from the convenient storage drawer to the optional and surprisingly firm and comfortable futon mattress it comes with is well thought out and very well made.

You can see a video demonstration of how this works here.

My guests have been so comfortable in this thing that they’ve slept right through the cries of the newborn next door!

ZZZ Ravenswood ZZZ Milan

You can find many on line vendors that carry this item in various finishes. I ordered mine from WillyGoat for $1349, shipped free.

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  1. akorenfeld1 December 11th, 2007 8:35 am

    It looks comfortable and, I think, it fits to any small room. I like it.

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