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Aruba Baby! Or rather… Aruba with baby.

aruba boat

Well after our first week in the “blogosphere,” we’re pooped and due for a vacation. But fear not loyal fans (or should we say fan), we’ll be back writing about cool new stuff by end of next week.

Stay Tuned!

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Everything’s cooler when it looks like a robot

Robot Clock

It’s a robot. It’s a clock. It’s roboclock! Ok, it doesn’t really do anything fantastic other than tell time, but it sure looks great doing that!

It’s designed by a guy named Michael Daniel Steel. The guy who designed a robot clock has “steel” in his name, how cool is that?

It’s Manufactured by Kikkerland and made up of plastic flipping numbers, swinging legs and rubber feet. Two C batteries included. Can be gotten at Mookie Gifts for $71.96.

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Toolbelt, literally


There’s a company so cool there aren’t words to describe them. Just numbers. 686 specializes in sport gear. Mainly snow and skating gear. While I neither ski nor skate, I sure can appreciate the convenience of having some basic tools handy. Especially when they are cleverly disguised in an accessory such as a belt. A toolbelt.

This belt integrates a #2 Phillips and #2 flathead screwdrivers, and 1/2, 9/16, and 3/8-inch wrenches as well as a bottle opener. Such tools are pretty convenient to have on hand for a number of chores, but supposedly they are particularly advantageous while on the slopes.

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Lights my fire!

Mardi Gras Chandelier

I have a weakness for gorgeous chandeliers that hang significantly lower than my eight-foot ceilings will allow. That certainly didn’t stop me from purchasing several such fixtures for my new house and then having my husband rack his brain attempting to modify them all so that we don’t hit our heads when walking around. Luckily, we’re not very tall. Some of our guests have been less fortunate.

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Well tip me over and pour me out!

Sorapot Teapot

No, this is not Nasa’s latest invention or the concept for the next building in NYC. This, my friends, is a teapot. No, this is THE teapot! If ever there was a teapot to be excited about, this is it! Man I’ve never craved tea quite this much. Continue to full article


POURfect Bowls. Because they Pour Perfectly. Get it?

POURfect Bowls

I not only love to cook, I love using the proper equipment in order to do so. Anyone who owns a stand mixer and actually uses it will know what a pain it is to get ingredients into the mixing bowl without spilling while the beaters are working. These cleverly named POURfect bowls aim to solve that problem.

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Flower Kimono by Dragon Tail Baby

Dragon Tail Baby Kimono

Let’s face it, most baby clothes readily available on the market are as generic as the companies that produce them. Sure they’re cute, in that “I’ve seen all that pastel before” kinda way. Mostly, they’re cute because they’re small, and miniature versions of anything always takes the cuteness factor up a few notches. And lets not even mention the stereotypical way they color code those little outfits to distinguish genders. Well let me assure you, generic baby clothes manufacturer, that my little girl will be no less a girl if she’s wearing, oh, I don’t know – green, or even *gasp* blue!

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Cut the cheese

Cheese Tray

This isn’t just any cheese tray, it’s a cheese tray made of petrified wood that’s supposedly over 20 million years old. Wouldn’t you like to cut your cheese on that?!

There are two sizes available. The smaller one, around 7″ in diameter, runs for $78. The larger one, about 10″ in diameter, goes for $148.

$148 for a cheese tray? That’s petrifying!

Oh yes, I went there.

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NOT made in China


With a brand new baby in the house, I can finally justify all the toy purchases I’ve been craving!

Call me old fashioned, but the less bells and whistles a toy has, the more I am drawn to it. I love this incredibly simple concept of watching a pretty marble roll down a simple wooden banister into a toilet-like bowl and get “flushed” away down the center.

You can also purchase the Ball Track Master Building Set (see photo after jump) for $199.99 that allows the little tyke to build any configuration of paths for the marble to travel. Ok, so maybe there’s a bell included – but no whistles!

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“You’ll be sleeping in the armoire”

ZZZ Chest2ZZZ Chest

When my guest bedroom was recently converted into a nursery, I had to come up with another solution to accommodate my guests. I was determined to come up with the most comfortable, space-saving and attractive solution that’s ever been comed up with! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: The ZZZ Chest!

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