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Dirty Diapers Never Looked So Slick

Designed by Bo Ekstrom of Sweden and manufactured in Belgium from European bent beech wood, this beautiful, functional and space-saving device takes diaper duty seriously. It is certified through a rigorous inspection process by the independent Technical Research Institute of Sweden to withstand a baby up to 33 pounds. Though Bo reports that he tested the strength up to a 110 pound capacity, in case your worst potty training fears are realized and your kid is still in diapers as they’re heading off to college.

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Quadrigo: Entertainment Cubed

Cubism Toy

The rubik’s cube may have a competitor. This toy isn’t only educational and stimulating, it’s the recipient of whole bunch of design awards in Europe and sits in the Deutsches Museum of Modern Art! Not bad for a play thing. Continue to full article

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Matthews Fans: You Spin Me Round, Round Baby!


Ceiling fan designs have come a long way in the past couple of years. With a more eco-conscious generation, people are shunning their energy guzzling air conditioners for the much more economical and highly efficient ceiling fans. However, no one can be expected to go green with the likes of your grandmother’s ceiling fan, complete with wood veneer blades and tiffany-style lampshades! No no, we require fans that have a lunar counterweight which, along with the fan, can orbit around it’s spherical gear housing! Continue to full article

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Ananda Khalsa: Small Scale, Big Art

Hinged Bluebird Bracelet Wide

Yet another notable Jewelry designer, Ananda Khalsa draws inspiration heavily from Asian art and cultural symbolism to create her designs. Each of her pieces is hand painted on paper, which is then set behind hand-ground glass into fine and sterling silver. Paintings are no longer to be displayed solely on walls, use your body as an exhibit! Continue to full article

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Wobble Chess Set: Let Your Checkmate Resonate!

Wobble Chess Set

As if chess wasn’t action-packed enough, in comes the wobble chess set from Umbra. Designed by Adin Mumma, a stunning landscape of hills and valleys sets the stage for the weighted wood and metallic, ball-based pieces.

Granted, your concentration may stray from the actual strategy and forethought required to play the game as you hypnotically stare at the pretty pieces flailing around! Continue to full article

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Home Office Trike: Money-losing option for a space-saving solution

Home Office Trike

Calling all loft dwellers! Do you live in one room that functions as your bedroom, kitchen, dining room, foyer, library, closet, office, bathroom, and all those other rooms than suburban folk actually have walls to separate, but you consider it a small price to pay for living in the heart of a big city? Then you’ll be particularly grateful for any multi-functional piece of furniture that has a tiny footprint. Especially when that piece of furniture also happens to be this gorgeous! Continue to full article

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Progetti Srl Cuckoo Clocks: I’m Cuckoo for Cuckoo Clocks!

Progetti Cuckoo Clock Nonsparatesulcuc├╣

I love the idea of a cuckoo clock in my home. It’s sweet, whimsical and takes me back. I’ve considered purchasing one for some time, but while I love the old fashioned tradition of the clock, I am not too fond of the old fashion designs.

Italian company Progetti has designed a line of contemporary cuckoo clocks for Barbero Design that give you all the charm of an old fashioned cuckoo clock but with modern style and technology. And much less noise. Continue to full article

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Block Wagon: The Perfect Toy

Block Wagon

John Michael Linck is a toymaker who’s carrying on his family’s tradition in woodworking. With a degree in Forest Science and Design from the University of Illinois, Mr. Linck uses Wisconsin Hardwoods to beautifully and artfully craft his pieces into durable and timeless toys that serve from one generation to the next. This craftsman does not rely on mass production, each item is made solely with his own hands in the basement workshop of his Madison home. These toys are made not only with skill, but with a lot of heart. Continue to full article

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Blomus Tea Stick: Tea Party for One

Tea Stick

Here’s something sleek and chic: the Blomus UTILO Tea Stick! Make tea-time a treat not a trick. With a click, you can get your stick quick. If you don’t like my shtick, you can Blomus my… arm. Continue to full article


Cube Necklace: Pixelate Yourself!

Cube Necklace

With everything else being pixelated these days, it’s only natural that your jewelry should follow suit. Continue to full article

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